How to set localhost to use GL servers without being connected to a network

by Milan

Under Jaguar 2.x the server Apache shipped with GoLive does not start when the machine has not a network connection.

This is due to the Apple hostname configuration which is set to -AUTOMATIC- for every machine to have its own name recognized by rendezvous.

In order to change -AUTOMATIC- into "localhost" and have the GL servers work without being connected to a network, follow these steps :

Step 1

- Open Terminal

As shown by the figure below, you should have the name of your machine instead of localhost (my machine is called MilanXJ, here)

- Type cd /etc and hit Return (note the space between cd and /etc)

The path, between brackets should display : [NameOfYourMachine:/etc]

Step 2

We are going to use sudo, to substitue ourself to root and Pico which is a Unix text editor (which you already have, even if you don't know it) to edit the file named hostconfig.

- Type sudo pico hostconfig (with a space between each word)

Unix asks for your password (you must have the administrator privileges).

- Type it (nothing is displayed) and hit Return.

Step 3

Now you are into the Pico editor. A grey cursor appears on the left of the first line.

- With the help of the arrow keys, move the cursor over the first "-" of the line
as shown by the figure below.

Step 4

- Press Ctrl D as many time as necessary (eleven times) to remove -AUTOMATIC- (Ctrl D removes the characters one by one).

- When it is done, type "localhost" (with the double quotes)

Step 5

Now we have to save the change. For this

- press Ctrl O.

In the bottom of the window appears the highlighted line :
File Name to write : hostconfig.

- Hit Return to confirm

Unix answers Wrote 31 lines (confirming the save has been done)

- Press Ctrl X to exit Pico

- Close Terminal and restart your machine.

To check the change is effective, open Terminal : the window should display
[localhost:~] YourMachineName

This means you can now use the GoLive Servers without being connected to a network.